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People in business are generally hired because of their ability to do a specific job, not because of their ability to write effectively.  Nevertheless, professionals in every type of organization produce an unending flow of letters, memos, reports, evaluations, procedures, and proposals.  Clearly, the better the written message, the better the results for both the organization and the person doing the writing.

Good, clear, understandable writing does not happen easily.  It takes thought, planning, work, and attention to detail, but it need not be drudgery.  It can be a straightforward activity that delivers results.

The Writing Company's workshops address the craft of business and technical writing.  Through structured activities and discussion, workshop participants identify their own areas of weakness and create unique strategies to guide their own professional development.  The workshops provide numerous tools, tricks-of-the-trade, resources, and hands-on activities.

TWC’s workshops have two primary long-term goals:  1)  helping people write more effectively, in less time and with less work, and 2) helping to shift organizational culture in support of more professional, more systematic, and more collaborative writing practices.

To keep the workshop relevant, participants use their own writing samples, and we strongly encourage the course design to include time for one-on-one coaching and practice.

In support of promoting long-term, systemic change, we encourage top-down support for the learning initiatives so writers at every level within an organization clearly know the expectations they face in pursuit of quality.
Most importantly, we teach business writing as a skill that can be learned and practiced successfully by everyone.

Course Content
Course content and curriculum varies with each group, depending on its needs and desires.  Most courses, however, cover the following topics:

    • Defining quality in business writing
    • Understanding the language of American business
    • Discovering and overcoming obstacles to success
    • Defining the writing process
    • Strategies for getting started and organizing information
    • Ensuring understanding:  brevity, clarity, and tone
    • Ensuring strength:  verbs, sentences, paragraphs, and appearance
    • Ensuring accuracy:  grammar and punctuation
    • Building confidence with critical reviews of writing samples
    • Developing long-term strategies for personal development.

Course Focus
Customer Service Writing
“Service” and the “customer” differentiate customer service-oriented writing from other forms of writing.  With an emphasis on the second person, this type of writing must move directly to why the message is important to “you.”

Writing with Purpose
Too much writing rambles aimlessly without making a point quickly, directly, and clearly.  This focus provides tools to help writers identify, capture, and articulate the essential points of a communication, and to do so with confidence and strength.

Basic Business Writing
Some business writers must overcome deficits in basic skills, such as time management, grammar, punctuation, verbs, sentence structure, organization, logic, and transitions.  These deficits are generally fixable, but not without time, work, practice, and some degree of organizational support.

Mentoring and Coaching
Intensive one-on-one coaching is effective for bringing out those "diamonds-in-the-rough" who need extra support to reach full stride and for helping to build individual development strategies to help each employee reach a higher level of ability and confidence.

Course Size and Length
Course size and length vary with the organization, the need, and the available budget.  Classes of ten to fifteen participants tend to be effective, but in certain circumstances, larger or smaller classes add value.

Courses vary in length, spanning from an hour or two to several days with longer-term follow-up.  Longer courses include as much personal attention as time allows.
Kenneth Mirvis, Ed.D., President of The Writing Company, has been providing writing workshops for professionals in every type of industry, from consulting to universities, finance to government, and firefighting to health care since 1986.

Each course is tailored to the client and the participants.  Prior to the class, Ken receives and edits brief samples from each participant, which he then uses in the course to ensure a meaningful and relevant training experience.

When course design permits, Ken spends 30 to 60 minutes with each participant in a one-on-one coaching session as part of the training.
The courses receive consistent rave reviews.

Reviews from Participants
• Hands down, the best course I have ever taken.  Ken is a dynamic instructor who, by his obvious passion for the craft of business writing, inspires curiosity and growth in his students.
• I've never taken a course where I could use more.
• Excellent style of teaching, wonderful examples and experiences, truly provocative and thoroughly engaging.
• This class provided me with exactly what I was hoping to gain.  The information is very practical, and I will be able to use it every day.
• This was the most thorough and helpful business writing class I have ever had.  The entire class was dedicated to learning how to write more effectively and efficiently.
• I do a lot of writing, and I'm planning to apply what I've learned on a daily basis.
• This course helped me look more deeply into my writing and the way I write.
• Ken was very personable and willing to speak one-on-one.  The class was more than I could have asked for.
• This course completely lived up to my expectations.  I learned far more than I had expected to.  I foresee using this information as soon as tomorrow.
• Ken presented the course in the best way: clear, honest, thorough.
• An excellent class.  Could have spent days on the material.
• Very well delivered.  Interesting and engaging while still educational.
• Wonderful instructor.  I enjoyed Ken's total presentation.  His style of teaching perfectly suits my style of learning.
• Great class.  It offered a lot of answers to questions that I've had or issues that needed clarification.
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